Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lindsay Lohan Fornarina Ads Fall/Winter 2009/2010

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Following her very successful — and highly photoshopped — Spring/Summer 2009 ad campaign for Fornarina, Lindsay Lohan continues her collaboration with the French brand in a series of new promos for the Autumn/ Winter collection.

Fornarina describes the campaign as a “new concept” that provides a “captivating and inducing and fresh image of Lindsay Lohan”. The campaign has a very ‘rock’ feel, embracing the rock attitude of the 2009 Fall/Winter fashion line. They describe Lindsay as a diva who re-discovers her “rock attitude and essence” in a space where glamour rules.

Wild and sexy at the same time, Lindsay Lohan shows, in this new campaign, that part of herself as a popstar, the lead singer who speaks the electrical language of decibel and whose charm glows under the stage spotlights.

An identity where the aggressiveness of rock is a natural complement to seduction: a dance on the tunes of a deep passion. All this under the ironic and funny direction of Fornarina that, as nobody else, knows how to create different nuances of style that are absolutely cutting-edge and how to interpret to the maximum degree the feminine sensibility of today by expressing a true rock-diva attitude.

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