Monday, July 27, 2009

How To Beautify Yourself Like Blake Lively!!!

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Blake Lively doesn’t just play a gorgeous girl-with-it-all on Gossip Girl, the actress keeps her skin, hair and makeup in check with routine facials and treatments. After a long day of shooting Blake likes to check out at the Cornelia Day Resort in Manhattan. She indulges in two hours of treatments which includes their Signature Massage followed by an intense Oxygen Clarifying Facial. The Oxygen Clarifying Facial is perfect for deep cleaning and peeling away layers of makeup and dirt from filming.

To keep her hair from drying out for over-styling Blake has her tresses trimmed at Lukaro Salon in Beverly Hills. She washes everyday with an oil absorbing shampoo and smoothes her frizzes out with a luxurious smoothing cream.

For her signature sun-kissed look, Blake’s makeup artists combine all four shades from the Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow in Mystic Eyes, $56, a combination of pearly pinks and golds – and finishing off with several coats of mascara. For a bronzed look Blake wears Chanel’s Brilliance Pur in Sunkissed, $45.

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